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High Mast Lights
GGD-28High pole lamp

GGD-28High pole lamp

The high pole lamp rod is made of high-quality Q235 steel plate of Baosteel Group, which is welded, straightened, hot-dip galvanized and sprayed with plastic after being cut by large plate shears and formed by a 1200 ton large press. According to the needs of users, we can produce municipal street lamps with different lengths, different specifications and different spray colors

Technical standard: < br > 1. Automatic arc welding is adopted for the straight seam of the rod, and gas shielded welding is adopted for the flange and reinforcement part. 2. The whole rod is hot-dip galvanized, and the surface is sprayed with plastic according to the color required by the customer, so as to achieve beautiful appearance and anti-corrosion protection. The designed service life of the rod is 20 years, and it can resist the typhoon of magnitude 12 and the earthquake of magnitude 8

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GGD-28High pole lamp

    High pole lighting is the most effective lighting method for large-area lighting. It is widely used in outdoor large-area lighting places such as ports, expressways, city squares, multi-storey interchanges, stadium lights, etc          

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