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Release time:2021-03-30 20:55:59
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我们这个行业,最常见的产品是6米。国内最大的是农村市场,需求量最大的是6米以下高度的路灯杆产品。光源选择150瓦的高压钠灯或30瓦的led。其实农村市场现阶段使用最多的是路灯。不需要连接商用电源,太阳能就可以使用。可以节约很多电力。任何自然条件都不能影响那项工作, 用6米路灯杆来介绍下吧。


It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of solar street lamps, road high pole lamp poles, led municipal street lamp poles, landscape lamps, Chinese lamp Yulan lamps, and road lamp poles with complementary scenery. The products have been sent to road engineering projects in many parts of the country. The repurchase rate of old customers is high, the product quality is excellent, and the company has a good reputation. Welcome new and old customers to consult and buy!


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