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High pole lamp防雷措施简介

Release time:2021-03-30 20:55:59
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High pole lamp防雷措施简介

的防雷措施,当有更多暴风雨时,外面的High pole lamp的高度相对较高。如果不采取防雷措施,将非常危险。众所周知,High pole lamp通常带有避雷针。今天,High pole lamp制造商将带您进一步了解它。



完整的High pole lamp防雷装置通常由三部分组成:空气终端设备,抽气设备和接地设备。我们刚刚了解了接地设备,让我们看一下其他部分。避雷针是一种金属物体,特别用于接收直射光线(闪电)。High pole lamp柱本身可用作拉环。

专业的High pole lamp制造商非常重视High pole lamp的防雷设计,所生产的High pole lamp必须经过防雷测试才能出售。

It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of solar street lamps, road high pole lamp poles, led municipal street lamp poles, landscape lamps, Chinese lamp Yulan lamps, and road lamp poles with complementary scenery. The products have been sent to road engineering projects in many parts of the country. The repurchase rate of old customers is high, the product quality is excellent, and the company has a good reputation. Welcome new and old customers to consult and buy!


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