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Introduction of high pole lamp

Release time:2022-06-01 15:10:27
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High pole lamp的灯具造型介绍

In our daily life, there are basically two types: one is a complete 360 circle. One is 180 semicircle.
Common configuration parameters of these high pole lamps are:
1. the lamp pole is a 12 sided and 18 sided octagonal conical column, which can be automatically cut, bent and welded to form high-quality and high-strength steel plates. The general height is 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m, etc. The designed high wind resistance can reach 60 meters per second, and each specification consists of 3 to 4 insertion parts. It is equipped with a flanged steel chassis with a diameter of 1 m to 1.2 m and a thickness of 30mm to 40mm.
High pole lamp



2. the main function is frame structure. Some are mainly decorated with steel pipes and high pole lamp steel pipes. The lamp columns and lamp plates are hot-dip galvanized.
3. the electric lifting system is composed of high pole lamp motor, high pole lamp crane, three groups of hot-dip galvanized steel cables and pole lamp cables for high pole lamp control. The high lamp column is installed on the vehicle body, and the lifting speed is 3 to 5 meters per minute.
4. the guide and discharge system is composed of guide wheels and guide arms to ensure that the lamp plate will not move laterally during lifting, and that the lamp plate can be automatically separated and locked. When lifting the lamp panel in place, hook it with a hook.
5. the electrical lighting system is equipped with 6-24 400w1000w spotlight (metal halide lamp [white light]), spotlight (metal halide lamp [white light]) and computer time controller, which can automatically control the hours and partially or completely light up.
6. lightning protection system: a 1.5m long high pole lightning rod shall be installed on the top of the lamp, and a 1m long grounding wire shall be installed on the underground base and welded with the underground bolt.

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